Koala KSP Library

The best open-source scripting library for Kontakt Scripting Language.

Koala is a collection of functions and macros which enormously simplify the process of writing scripts in Kontakt KSP scripting language. The usage of this library will improve significantly the look and readability of your scripts, as well as allowing super fast access to advanced functions not available with standard KSP code.

Create your own Kontakt instruments from scratch by simplifying all the annoying processes that need to take place when it comes to Kontakt scripting. GUI management, debugging, live logging, setting and retrieving values have just become simple and clear in order for you to focus on the real deal: making a good sounding and easy to use sample library.

Big thanks to Sam Windell and his amazing fork of SublimeKSP. This library is entirely based on that.

The library is open-source and it’s available on Package Control through GitHub. More info on Koala Wiki.