I am a sound engineer, developer and sound designer located in Northern Italy.

My career started in 2013 in the prestigious Scuola di Alto Perfezionamento Musicale in Saluzzo. This outstanding educational experience allowed me to work with many professionals with a vaste expertise in music and multimedia production of any kind, helping me to build a strong knowledge base.

Shortly after receiving the Professional Certificate of Specialization in Audio And Recording Engineering, my keen interest in Music Technology led me to start working in the business of Virtual Instruments production. So far, I've been working on different platforms, including Kontakt, Reaktor and BFD. 

In particular, my area of expertise revolves around Kontakt KSP scripting, samples management, audio editing and restoration, presets and UI design. My advanced Computer Science skills allow me to be a valuable asset for troubleshooting, tech support and any kind of problem solving on any  hardware and software application. 

As a Sound Engineer, Sound Designer and guitarist, I have a profound knowledge of any technical and artistic mean which can support the performance and the creative side of the production process, as well as the demands of both the client and the user.